Thank you for taking the next 45 minutes to learn about Univera and the opportunity it provides you – both physically and financially. Below are a series of videos that will give you a feel for what Univera is: The products it provides, it’s purpose, and how to earn more income.

This first video will give you an overview of Univera. Runtime: 9:32


I love this next video. Stephen was supposed to visit some associates, but couldn’t due to bad weather. So, he recorded this video to share with them. In it, Stephen reveals the secret behind Univera’s success: massive investments in research and science. Runtime: 9:15


This next video talks about Xtra, the flagship product of Univera. Runtime: 3:18


Xtra was also featured on Fox News. Here’s the clip. Runtime: 4:55


Univera recently announced the Metabolic Makeover 2.0 which helps people lose weight. Listen to Stephen describe why it works and how it’s helping people. Runtime: 5:35


Bill Lee, the CEO of Univera, talks about Univera’s purpose. When you join Univera, you’ll be joining a bigger purpose than just selling supplements. Runtime: 7:40


Can you be successful in Univera? If you’re willing to share Univera with others, you can be very successful. Here’s a video of an associate, Jordan Hubbard, sharing the impact Univera has had on her life. Runtime: 2:16


Finally, here is my personal Univera website where you can browse all the products and learn more. http://jamesfurlo.myunivera.com

Thank you for watching! I hope you’re as excited about Univera as I am. I look forward to talking more about it with you.