The 10 Best Fitness Tips of All Time

“By now you’ve probably heard loads of exercise advice – some of it conflicting – from trainers, TV, and gym buddies. To clear things up, we sought out top fitness experts to get their take. We asked them for game-changing tips, proven difference makers shown to keep your body safe while burning fat and building muscle.”  says Susy Sedano of

The “article” is actually a slide show with 20 tips. Here are my favorite 10. Click the link to go to that specific slide to learn more about each one.

  1. Trade Slow Cardio for Interval Training
  2. Trade Machine Exercises for Free Weights
  3. Increase Your Range of Motion
  4. Do Push-Ups
  5. Lift, then Run
  6. Run Hills to Burn Fat Faster and Reduce Injury
  7. Don’t Stretch; Warm Up
  8. Write it Down
  9. Reduce Soreness with Active Recovery
  10. Take a Week Off

These are all good tips.

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