Sitting For Long Periods Of Time Reduces Life Expectancy By 2 Years

Sedentary behaviour and life expectancy in the USA: a cause-deleted life table analysis
Peter T Katzmarzyk, I-Min Lee | BMJ Open

The analyses indicate that population life expectancy in the USA would be 2.00 years higher if adults reduced their time spent sitting to <3 h/day and 1.38 years higher if they reduced television viewing to <2 h/day.

This research was carried out over 60 years. Crazy! 2 years may not seem like much in the span of a lifetime, but think about the quality of that lifetime. You’re much better off to move around regularly!

I realize some of us have jobs that require massive amounts of sitting. The trick is to find ways to get up and move while still being near your desk. You could, for example, take breaks to stretch, stand, get a treadmill desk. I cover this, and much more in my free report about the 5 Fundamental Truths to Living Healthier. Check it out.