Should You Eat While On The Run?

This Labor Day, my wife and I will be participating in Disneyland’s Annual Half Marathon race. It’s going to be awesome! Of course, part of preparing for it is running a bunch this summer. That’s why this article caught my attention.

Gina Kolata, writing for The NYTimes, has a weird experience and then poses a question:

A few weeks ago, a friend showed up for a run with a CamelBak – one of those humplike backpacks with a tube that allows you to sip liquid – and a belt containing food to eat along the way. Every 20 minutes or so as we ran, he stopped to eat and drink, sprinting afterward to catch up.

Now that is unusual, I thought. Does it really help to eat so often during a 16-mile run?

She then talks about crazy food options during a race, like Jelly Beans, cookies, and boiled potatoes. Ultimately she comes to this conclusion:

[A]nyone exercising for two hours or more does need to get carbohydrates, the muscles’ fuel… That means eating before, and perhaps during, the workout.

I agree with this conclusion, and will follow something like the picture above as a guide for longer runs: Eat well before, drink lots of liquids, and eat well afterwards.

By the way, the article with the picture also suggests some great recipes to eat when doing longer runs. Check them out.

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