How to Build an Olympic-Sized Habit

How to Build an Olympic-Sized Habit
Jeff Halevy, The Huffington Post

Getting to the Olympics takes more than great genetics and natural ability. With many aspiring Olympians spending as much as the Phelpsian eight hours a day practicing, and most practicing at least 20 hours per week reliance on sheer willpower isn’t enough for the long haul. Training must become habit.

The article then goes on to talk about 3 steps:

  • Start Small: The smallest possible action of a new habit
  • Anchor It: Done immediately after something you already do
  • Celebrate!: Directly followed by self-celebration

Here’s an example from the article:

Eat Better: Have a bite of one vegetable immediately after you sit down to dinner. And just after swallowing, you better celebrate with more flair than Guy Fieri’s hair!


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