How To Balance Dogs and Children

Dog Vacay is a new start-up connecting real homes for dogs while the owners are away. Think Airbnb for pets. One their blog they talk about balancing dogs and children.

Balancing your dog(s) and children can be a stressful task, as you want to provide enough love and care to every member of the family (pets included) without making anyone feel left out.

One of the most important things to remember when trying to balance the two main loves of your life is time management… To effectively put time management to use, allocate different parts of the day to your pet and child. For example, when your newborn is sleeping or your toddler is off to school, use that time to play with Fido, take him on a walk, feed him, etc. The same scheduling can be applied the other way around. When your pup is taking a nap or eating, spend some quality time with your child by reading to him/her or playing with him/her.

Don’t be afraid to sway from your schedule, and if possible involve both your children and dog. “Instead of walking Fido alone, take your child with you. The walk can be refreshing for all parties involved, and it allows you to distribute your attention evenly.

Despite one being a human and one being an animal, children and dogs can actually complement each other. Get creative with your time management and try to do activities that are suitable for everyone.

Image: (A bunch of fun kid/dog photos. HIGHLY Recommended.)