Get Enough Sleep To Improve Your Ability to Pay Attention

Day in and day out, we plunge ourselves into a mad rush of activity, and the resulting brain overload has led to the point where our entire society is suffering from attention deficit. Attention is as complex as the weather – influenced by many factors – but it’s much easier to change.

Getting enough sleep is the most basic and most important first step to improving your ability to pay attention according to Dr. Edward Hallowell. “The desired amount is how much sleep it takes to wake up without an alarm. For most adults, this is in the neighborhood of eight hours a night.

Hallowell suggest doing an experiment, which doesn’t really sound like an experiment, but more like making a temporary change in your life, which could result in a permanent change once you experience the benefits. Those benefits could be:

  • More energy
  • No need for an alarm clock
  • More focus on the task at hand
  • Feeling better physically

The overall benefit is the ability to pay attention better.

Another thing you can do is a quick burst of exercise, like doing 25 jumping jacks or 10 push-ups. You’ll get the blood flowing and wake up just a little bit.

Source: Improving Your Ability to Pay Attention | The Huffington Post

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