Exercises to Beat the Winter Bulge

As the temperature dips, the snow falls and American Idol narrows its list of contenders, it’s easier and easier to justify your butt being on the couch rather than in motion.says Dr. Oz for Yahoo Health.

There’s no doubt that during this time of year, there’s a strong temptation to slip into hibernation mode, but for life-long health, it’s important that you don’t let months of inactivity slip by.

While I always recommend that you choose activities that you love doing – whether it be running or cycling or swimming or basketball – it’s sometimes important to get in just a few minutes to keep your body strong and healthy.

Dr. Oz then describes 6 creatively named exercises you can do without equipment:

  • The Hippie Stretch
  • Plank
  • Bicycle
  • Invisible Chair
  • Step Taps
  • Push Ups
[image: laduenews.com]