Eat a Balanced Diet

Eat a Balanced Diet
by Trent, The Simple Dollar


“Eat a balanced diet” is one of the simplest pieces of health advice that medical professionals dispense on their patients. For the most part, it just means “eat a wide variety of items without an excess of any one item or type of item.” In other words, don’t live on a solely cheese-based diet.


It’s pretty sound advice, too. If you’re consistently getting a variety of fruits and vegetalbes as well as a reasonable balance of proteins and carbohydrates and good fats, you’re probably meeting all of the nutritional needs of your body.


Simply by meeting all of the nutritonal needs of your body, you’re taking one solid step towards minimizing your health care costs, so eating a balanced diet is good for your finances in that way.

Right on here. Eating a balanced diet keeps you healthy, and that reduces your health care costs. Trent goes on to show other ways you can save, including paying attention to grocery sales rotations to make sure over time you buy all your different foods while they’re on sale.