Do You Need More Sleep As You Get Older?

Does this sound like you? Susan Schade shares here story of how as she’s gotten older she’s required more sleep.

“Now as I get older, I am realizing that my body’s sleep requirements have changed. In high school, I could pull all-night study sessions and still be productive for the next day’s test.”

“My ability to function on minimal sleep only grew stronger as I started college. Now I could manage both my school work and keep an active social life. I could literally stay up all night perfecting a paper, turn it into class the next day, sleep an hour or two between classes, then go to work before proceeding on to a house party.”

“Somewhere between get older and having a family, I started to get really tired. The best amount of sleep for my body is eight hours a night.”

“Without enough sleep, physically, I suffer. I wake up with tired eyes and heavy dark bags under them.”

“I can no longer look like a fresh-faced girl ready to start her day. I look tired. No one wants to look tired.”

“I have a big job everyday. I need to be at my best. My best is rested.”

So true. Sleep is critically important to maintaining good health. Have you experienced a need for more sleep? What do you do to meet that need?