Constant Stress Makes You Sick

I hope it’s no surprise that chronic stress is not fantastic for your health. Sure, intuitively that makes sense, but why? Anahad O’Connor from the New York Times explains reason:

New research suggests that the hormone cortisol plays a critical role. Released in greater amounts in times of stress, this hormone provides the body with a burst of energy. It also helps suppress the body’s immune response to infections like the flu, keeping inflammation responses like coughing, sneezing and fevers in check.

But when levels of cortisol remain elevated, the body may become less sensitive to it, in the same way that elevated insulin levels can lead to insulin resistance.

So, the same hormone that prevents you from getting sick also helps you manage stress. If you’re chronically stressed, this hormone gets constantly produced. And just like everything else, eventually your body adjusts to the new amount, making it less effective. That means that when it’s time to defend against viruses, your body produces cortisol, but your body doesn’t react because it’s the new “normal”.

Let that sink in for a bit: being constantly stressed causes you to get sick more often… Yikes!

What can you do about it? How do you de-stress?

I go into the details in my free report: The 5 Fundamental Truths to Living Healthy. You can get it for free. I give a bunch ideas, and further explain the relationship between stress and sickness. Plus, I reveal the ONE THING that you do to “help” you through the day, but actually cause yourself to get more stressed.


Source: Really? Constant Stress Makes You Sick | The New York Times
Image: A Magicians Approach To Surviving the Holidays | International Grand Illusionist Ryan Joyce