Bethany Hamilton Shares 5 Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle

Bethany Hamilton was attacked by a 14-foot tiger shark while surfing in Kauai, Hawaii and lost her arm. You might remember her from the movie “Soul Surfer”. She is currently a professional surfer (which is pretty awesome), and recently wrote a post about “smiling through adversity” and living a healthy lifestyle. Here’s a short snippet of what she wrote.

  • Get active! On some days, I like to change up my physical activity and play tennis, go on a challenging hike with my dog, ride my bike, or play volleyball with friends and family. Really anything that gets my body moving and puts a smile on my face!
  • Embrace a balanced diet. I love healthy, yummy food that keeps my energy up throughout the day. Some of my favorite foods are Sambazon acai smoothies, ZICO coconut water, vegetables, and for a treat, dark chocolate that’s 70 percent cocoa or higher!
  • Don’t forget about your oral health! Did you know that keeping your teeth clean can actually increase heart health? I was surprised to learn this — but it did help me reinforce healthy habits including flossing daily and avoiding foods that are high in sugar.
  • Find your inspiration. [W]hen life presents obstacles — and it does — I rely on Jesus Christ for inspiration to help me through it, as well as others such as my parents and friends. Everyone needs someone in their life that they can trust and turn to when times are tough.
  • Set goals for yourself. While I’m proud of what I’ve achieved as an athlete, having goals in place helps me stay motivated and focused.


Source: 5 Tips for a Healthy and Confident Lifestyle | The Huffington Post

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