My name is James Furlo and I became interested in my health a few years ago. I was recently out of college, but could already feel myself aging. I weighed 40 pounds more than when I graduated, I couldn’t lift as much weight, and couldn’t run as long, or as fast, as I used to. I worked all day in front of a computer and was proud that I only spent $30 a month on “groceries”. I wasn’t in a desperate condition, but I could see, and feel, where I was headed. My health destination didn’t look good.

A friend introduced me to a company which offers supplements to people like myself – people who were not 100% satisfied with their current health’s destination. I started taking the supplements and noticed improvements, and quickly realized I also needed to fundamentally change my life. After much research, I boiled the “trick” to being healthy down to 5 fundamental truths. For the most part, these are truths that everyone already knows, but struggle to articulate and act upon. I created a free report, and this website, that teaches why each truth is important, and provides simple, daily, steps anyone can follow to improve their life.

Today, I weigh as much as I did entering college, am stronger and have more endurance than ever before – even while maintaining a desk job. I did it by following these 5 fundamental truths and making smart choices each day. I also became an associate for that company, because I enjoy helping others live healthier. The free report and website, straight-forward and actionable guides, are my way to help people like you look, feel and perform better. Having a healthier society is good for everyone – and it all starts with you making a choice to be healthier. Don’t worry, it’s not hard. Actually, it can be a lot of fun!