5 Fun Ways to Get Fit This Memorial Weekend

It’s memorial day, and therefore you should be outside having fun. Those fun things “that make you go “Woo-hoo!” can boost fitness and burn as many or even more calories than your usual workout routine.

  • Spin a Hula-Hoop: This can be the same as a brisk walk in terms of burning calories.
  • Toss a Frisbee: Similar to hula-hooping for calories burned. Especially if you have to run for the Frisbee every once in a while.
  • Dance: You can join the kids when they play Dance Dance Revolution. Or join a Zumba class with some of our neighbors (talk to them today over a BBQ).
  • Walk in water: Water supports your weight but adds up to 12 times more resistance than air. You’ll get a great workout. Plus, water pulls more heat from your body, requiring you to spend more energy to stay warm. Bottom line: working out in a pool can burn 3 – 4 times more calories than outside a pool.
  • Hit the beach: Walking on the beach can burn 20% – 50% more calories than walking on a hard surface. If you’re really feeling energetic, join a volleyball game.

Have a great memorial day off and enjoy getting fit while having fun!


Source: Summer Workout Routines to Lost Weight and Have Fun | RealAge
Image: babybootcampstpete.blogspot.com